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402 North Harold | PO Box 27
Ivanhoe, MN 56142
Phone: 5507-694-1552 | Fax: 507-694-1525 | Cell: 507-530-3040

Lincoln County Housing and Redevelopment Authority is comprised of:

Ten duplex units throughout within five towns of Lincoln County, a twenty-unit apartment building in Lake Benton (Benton Valley Manor), five single-family homes in Lake Benton, and four three-bedroom twin homes in Tyler. The Westview Apartments, a USDA Rural Development property, is also managed by the Lincoln County HRA. There are eight one-bedroom units and four two-bedroom units within the Westview Apartments. Executive Director is Vince Robinson and Director of Housing Services is Gretchen Tommeraasen. 

The public housing authority is governed by a five-member board of commissioners, which is approved by the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners. Vincent Robinson is the Executive Director and Gretchen Tommeraasen is the Director of Housing Services.

The Lincoln County HRA Board of Commissioners is as follows:

John Lichtsinn – Chairman of the Board
Todd Dressen – Vice-Chairman
Marlys Moser – Member
Julie Hogie – Member
Jaime McKenzie – Board Secretary
Jennifer Nordmeyer – Board Member
Marilyn Powell – Tenant Board Member

Current Openings:

  • There are two two-bedroom apartments currently available in Hendricks. Each of the units has central air-conditioning, a front and back patio area, and great family yards!

Call or email for an application right away! Please note all applications are processed by date received! First come, first qualified, first served!

Please contact Gretchen Tommeraasen for further information or an application. Many of the units in Hendricks and Tyler include a washer and drier and a newly-constructed single-car garage.

The five communities in which the duplexes are located are as follows:


  • Two three-bedroom duplexes
  • Four two-bedroom duplexes


  • Two three-bedroom duplexes
  • Four two-bedroom duplexes


  • Two two-bedroom duplexes


  • Two two-bedroom duplexes


  • Two three-bedroom duplexes
  • Two two-bedroom duplexes

We are proud to announce that we are a SMOKE-FREE HOUSING AUTHORITY!!

Gretchen Tommeraasen
Director of Housing Services
Lincoln County HRA
Phone: 507-694-1552
Cell: 507-530-3040
Fax: 507-694-1525


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